ARB pracovná lampa Work Light

Rozmer balenia: 22 x 14 x 6 cm
Váha: 200 g
Predajná cena po zľave
Cena142,80 €
Predajná cena bez DPH119,00 €
Cena / kg:

ARB’s Horizon Work light has a wireless charger included and is compatible with any QI certified wireless smart devices (most wireless charged devices). Wireless charging for the ARB Horizon work light makes charging as simple as placing the work light on the charging base and letting it automatically charge back to its full state, no more plugging in cables or searching for the cable. The wireless charging base has rare earth magnets built in for auto locating the work light to the correct charging area and also making it stick to all good metal surfaces (like Zero/Classic Fridges), also included are touch tape straps to assist with holding the light in place for those super corrugated roads if required. (Wireless charging only for ARB Horizon work light) USB powered and includes type C cables.

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