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ARB syntetický u strmeň pre vozidlá do 3,5t

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  • 14.5T/(31,967lbs) breaking strength, suitable for vehicles up to 3.5T (7,716lbs)
  • UV resistant properties + water resistant & designed to float
  • Updated – braided outside shield
  • Updated – longer size to suit more conditions
  • Updated – slide lock loop, no draw string
  • Flexible – attaches to most rated recovery points
  • Manufactured from CE certified high tensile UHMWPE (ISO 2307)
  • Safer than a steel shackle when used correctly
  • Instructions printed on storage bag, as well as included in handy print form
  • Fits in most storage spots in your vehicle, door pockets, glove boxes & no rattles

Technické špecifikácie:

  • UHMWPE (ISO 2307) synthetic rope
  • 12mm x 12 strand rope
  • Tested in house & externally to ARB’s stringent requirements
  • Consistent 14.5T+ (142kN+) breaking point in a controlled environment (31,967lbs)
  • All shipments batch tested for consistency under ARB test conditions
  • Comprehensive testing in field – Winching, Snatch Blocks & Snatch Strap
  • Braided sleeve for superior abrasion resistance
  • Not for lifting purposes
  • Suitable for vehicles using an 8T or 11T recovery strap (17,637lbs or 24,250lbs)
  • Packaging – 35x20x7cm (380g) 13.7”x7.87”x2.75” (13oz)
  • Soft Shackle – 78cm length (235g) / 30” length (8.2oz)

Steel Shackles VS Soft Shackles

Class 6 steel shackles are manufactured for the lifting industry and have a published working load limit (e.g., WLL 4.75t). To achieve this rating, they must have a breaking strength that is at least 6 times the WLL. Soft shackles have a published breaking strength (e.g.14.5T). This breaking strength is similar to the rating of a synthetic winch rope or snatch strap where the value represents the point where a new product will fail. Wear and/or moisture can cause a reduction in breaking strength. Soft Shackles will break if overstressed, but this is a much safer alternative to if a steel shackle breaks or becomes overstressed

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